Blog content types every eCommerce business should know

There are thousands of eCommerce sites out there, so trust me when I say you are not the only one wondering about the most suitable content type suitable for your eCommerce business blog.

The truth is that every website needs a blog, be it eCommerce website, it needs a blog. And you need good content to get your blog going. But you must be thinking you don’t need a blog because you are running an online store, but guess what! You need a blog, and here is why:

  • Companies that prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
  • Companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their website than companies who don’t blog.
  • Websites that have a blog have about 434% more indexed pages.

Blogging has a big impact on your store’s success. Blog content also has a great impact on your store’s success, because your blog content determines a lot of things in your store’s success.

However, coming up with a great blog content is not an easy task, it takes lots of thinking. However, in this blog post, I will give you some blog content types that you can use for your eCommerce business.

  1. Text content. Although you might be thinking that text content shouldn’t be part of the content types because it is a very popular content type. The truth is that text content is still one of the best content types you can have. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use text content. Text contents are not only about the keywords used; you have to make sure that it is value-adding. That is the only way you can make text contents work for you.
  2. Video content. There are lots of people online who want to see more video contents. That is why video content is part of the content types. So let’s look at the types of videos you should post.
  • Product videos. Every customer love to see what everyone is talking about rather than hearing it from everyone. Studies show that about 50% of internet users look for product related videos before visiting a store. If you optimize your videos. There is high chance that you will gain more customers and sale.
  • Editorial videos. “How-to” videos are taking over right now. You should not be left out in this; you should be able to create value-adding editorial videos. Creating editorial videos is one of the best ways to make more sales online.